• ATX-0876 Sensor tap
    ATX-0876 electronic tap

    ATX Series: ATX-0876

    Deck-mounted sensor tap with built-in solenoid valve. No control box required!
  • ATW-0048 Sensor tap
    ATW-0048 electronic tap

    ATW Series

    Wall-mounted sensor tap with integrated fibre-optic spout sensor
  • AUF-6810 Urinal Flusher
    AUF-6810 Urinal Flusher

    AUF Series

    Automatic DIY 'Retro-fit' Urinal Flusher
  • Automatic Kitchen Sensor Tap

    2-in-1 Automatic Kitchen Sensor tap

  • Autotaps DryOGenic Sensor Hand Dryers

    Autotaps 'DryOGenic' Hand Dryers

    Automatic 'Super-fast' Hand Dryers with HEPA Filters
  • DIY Sensor Kit

    DIY Sensor Kits

    Convert an existing manual tap to an automatic
    activation easily.
  • image
    manual and automatic sensor tap

    AMA Series

    2-in-1 Design 'automatic and manual' sensor tap activation with temperature control lever.

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New Autotaps™ ATX-0876 Sensor Tap with built-in solenoid valve

Sensor tap with built-in solenoid valve


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Automatic Toilet Bidet

Brand: Rosensa | Features: Remote, Heating, Dry

Automatic bidet/toilet system, with its innovative and hygienic cleaning solution for toilets without the use of tissues or wet wipes. Touchless and ‘hands-free’ auto bidet that promotes a more hygienic cleansing solution.




Why Choose Autotaps?

By: Autotaps | Our Products: Benefits, Facts & Charts, Installation

Everybody is driven by the growing concern over germs on toilets and washroom surfaces, and an increasing number of commercial, private, and public buildings are now installing automatic taps, flushers, cleaning systems, and other touch-free sensor devices.

In addition to sanitation issues, other factors are also contributing to this trend.


Autotaps™ MKT-0360 Manual Kitchen Tap

Kitchen Sensor tap


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